Antoni Hervàs, detall de Netflix & Chill (2018). Cortesia de l'artista.

Antoni Hervàs, detail of Netflix & Chill (2018). Courtesy of the artist 

Les escenes. 25 Years after. Scene 6 – To close by opening

From May 28 to June 23, 2019



Luz Broto /  Black Tulip / June Crespo / Antoni Hervàs / Ocaña / Tere Recarens / Jara Rocha + Joana Moll / Francesc Ruiz / Carlos Sáez / Julia Spínola /  Y€$Si Perse + La Plebeya + Mar Pons + Georgina Soler

This last scene is a closing that opens. It leads to something that has to do with erasing or blurring. Erasing boundaries and identities, including that of space. This scene is not an “end”, but a fade-to-black transition containing and anticipating the uncertainty of what is to come.

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