Martin Llavaneras, Cicles
Martin Llavaneras

Turba Turbo

From December 3, 2019, to February 16, 2020

A sandcastle on the seashore. An accumulation of collapsing substrates. One stonemason, two, a hundred stonemasons cutting blocks of limestone. Labourers piling up clods. Small clods falling apart. A sculpted embankment on an edifice of sand. Sculpted salty residue, damp and silica, dribbles and castings. Martin Llavaneras’s work stems from his consideration of coastal geography. The space between the sea and the land. Geology of the site. Mouths and disembarkations. Source of raw materials. Sediment of leisure and all things mercantile. A sculptural exploration of the plasticity of sand, damp and the residue left by dried salt.