Erick Beltrán
Lecture by Erick Beltrán

Art research into the doppelgänger

Date to be confirmed

Here the imaginaries of Pere Llobera and Erick Beltran come together through the concept of the doppelgänger, a concept that addresses the phantasmagorical presence of a living person. This duplication connects here with all of the works of symbolic dédoublement shown by Llobera in his exhibition – in short, a mass of excerpts and references that feed back into his fabulation, from Dan Graham and Joan Brossa to the gnome figurines and Christmas lights displayed alongside his paintings at La Capella.

The work of artist Erick Beltrán involves ongoing research into and reflection on the structural mechanisms of thought systems, specifically the power relationship that exists between the editing process and the constructions of discourse.

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