Quim Pujol


March 10, 2016. Presentation. BCN Production '15


“If “human essence is freedom from the wills of others”, the post-human is “post” not because it is necessarily unfree but because there is no a priori way to identify a self-will that can be clearly distinguished from an other-will.” 
                                                                                                                        N. Katherine Hayles, “How We Became Post-Human”

This non-sexual individual practice of one hour proposes the simultaneous use of techniques from the otherwise distinct areas of BDSM and meditation. 
If we understand that beyond the relations of domination, power is something that we inevitably encounter in myriad ways every day, it may be interesting to ritualize it to better understand its dynamics and its impact on our bodies.

We propose to combine a series of exercises of BDSM with meditation techniques in order to maintain an awareness of how the ego is porous and unstable, and detach the experience of power (whether exercising it or being subjected to it) from that of identity.

The workshop will be contextualized in a introductory session that will take place on March 10th at 19h30 at La Capella. Due to the sensitive nature of these practices, exercises will be negotiated in individual meetings with interested participants. These individual meetings will take place from 11th March to the 3rd of April. The talk is open to the public, but to arrange an individual meeting please send a brief email of motivation to quimpujol@gmail.com.

Both the presentation talk and the practice are part of the exhibition “Visceral Blue” curated by Anna Manubens.


Activities: Visceral Blue

Quim Pujol: BDSMmm 
Date: 10 March 
Time: 7.30 pm 
Place: La Capella 
Presentation of the theoretical and practical framework for individual sessions that will take place from 11 March to 3 April




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Circuit d'Art contemporani de Barcelona

Fundació Suñol

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