Carrying Women
Carrying Women
Carrying Women
Carrying Women
Carrying Women
Jordi Ribes

Carrying Women · Video Installation

From March 19 to April 25, 2004

“Have you ever wondered where the interest in carrying women comes from?

Many of the people we talked to told us that their first memories of this subject go back to the period of their childhood. They played in the local streets, where the girls made their virginity the favourite and most dangerous of prey. It seemed the girls enjoyed pretending to be ill, or dead or unconscious… They looked so vulnerable when they made believe.. Ah! They always needed a hero to appear at the last minute and save them.

The young lads could grab the girls in a variety of ways, and when asked why would say it was because they didn't like them… They could even carry them on their shoulders! Naturally, some of these romps would develop and take on a sexual register they lacked at the beginning.

Things were different in the fifties and sixties… Roles were different for both men and women especially in the field of entertainment, where it was commonplace to see a film in which the monster carried in its arms the semi-conscious heroine, barefoot and wearing only a flimsy, black silk negligee ... completely motionless as she allows herself to be carried off!

Important note

The material contained here is intended only for fantasizing. The models who appear not only enjoyed themselves, they even actually designed their own scenes.

If you take it seriously you're making a mistake! As much if you're judging it as if you're thinking of the possibility of putting some of the scenes into practice, you're wrong! This is nothing more than a game!”

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