Pere Llobera
A gathering with Pere Llobera, joined by David Armengol, Rimme Rypkema and Mireia Sallarès

εξέδρα around Faula rodona

Sunday 31 May 2020 at 12 pm

La Capella welcomes you to the new Sunday activity εξέδρα round Roundfable on Sunday 31 May at noon

"εξέδρα round…” is to be a gathering and space for dialogue with those connected to the exhibitions and projects of BCN Producció. On this occasion artist Pere Llobera will be accompanied by three people who are well acquainted with his work and philosophy: Rimme Rypkema and David Armengol, with whom he has longstanding professional ties, and Mireia Sallarès, who was by his side throughout the process of working on the exhibition as a director and producer with BCN Producció.

Similar to the idea of home hosting, this project moves away from the usual guided visit models, taking shape as a more informal and organic encounter. A Sunday afternoon for discussing art over an apéritif!

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