higo Mental
Collective research encounter with Ricardo Pérez-Hita Carrasco and Marta Sesé Fuentes

Higo Mental #16: Odd kin

Date to be confirmed

Free entry

Higo Mental (Mental Fig) is a feminist-themed performance project that uses audiovisual material taken from the Internet that has been active since 2014. It is a videological dialogue between two individuals in which the alternation of content creates a critical narrative that challenges the system of hegemonic representation. It moves away from the lecture format and seeks to be a space for both reflection and entertainment where audiovisual works can be brought to the table to be reactivated and discussed among all.

The sixteenth session of Higo Mental is based on the concept of OddKin as conceived by Donna Haraway. If these anormative relationships are what underpin Pere Llobera’s exhibition, the proposed video dialogue will emphasize this same form of narrating and establishing ties. In contrast to other sessions, there will be no specific content; rather, OddKin will be used as the methodology for investigating: the ways of alternating content and our relationship with it.


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