Comunitat La Capella

La Capella Community

From January 27 to June 23, 2019

For the twenty-five years La Capella has focused its activities on the production and dissemination of the emerging sector of the contemporary visual arts, many people have developed projects of very different characteristics within the framework of the programming of the centre.  Through their way of understanding and carrying out their work, each of them has constituted what we call the La Capella Community. It is these people, their work, their efforts, which give meaning to the institution.

If there is something in which Barcelona’s contemporary visual arts sector excels, it is providing support for emerging practices. Numerous institutions focus their efforts on this sector, and among all of us we have contributed to consolidating quite a prolific scene.

Twenty-five years is a good number for taking a look at and showing the people who have come to make up this community little by little. This exhibition seeks to be a sort of catalogue of the names of artists, curators, critics and researchers who, year after year, activity after activity, have built what La Capella is today and laid the foundations of what it may become in the future.

The exhibition, with the database that supports it, is but a tool under construction. It is possible that it contains errors, that names are missing, that there is some information that needs updating. Thus we invite you to see if you are missing; if you find any incorrect or imprecise information, contact us and once the information has been checked we will make the necessary additions and corrections.


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