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Lost WorldWW Music (Myspace Dragon Hoard – SAMPLE PACK #1)


We are sharing with you the sample pack LOST WORLDWW MUSIC (MYSPACE DRAGON HOARD – SAMPLE PACK #1), produced and compiled by the musician and visual artist Daniel Moreno Roldán (www.danielmorenoroldan.com). The pack is available to download completely free of charge. Please share it with anyone you think might be interested.




*** BANDCAMP: https://myspacedragonhoard.bandcamp.com/


*** SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/danielmroldan/lost-worldww-musicsample-pack-preview


All the samples in this pack come from songs in the Myspace Dragon Hoard (http://lostmyspace.com/), a vast collection of almost half a million MP3 files originally hosted on the Myspace social networking website.



Daniel Moreno:


In March 2019, Myspace announced that all the music hosted on its servers since before 2015 had been permanently deleted due to supposed professional negligence. Around 50 million songs made by some 14 million artists had disappeared forever because of an error during server migration. Internet Archive (https://archive.org) – a library that works to preserve digital archives – managed to recover 1% of the material lost by Myspace and stored it in an archive entitled the Myspace Dragon Hoard.


The LOST WORLDWW MUSIC (MYSPACE DRAGON HOARD – SAMPLE PACK #1) pack contains 350 WAV files created using samples of the songs from Myspace recovered by the Internet Archive. In it you will find all kinds of sounds that you can work on with your preferred DAW, sampler or tracker. The quality of the samples varies considerably, as some come from commercial numbers, and hence are well produced, while others are genuinely independent and lo-fi recordings. I have opted not to process them that much with regard to compression and EQ in order to give you greater freedom of choice and more fun when you come to attempt to find your desired sound.


There are a lot of instruments like synthesisers and pads, a number of bass guitars and drums, choirs and soloist singers, a variety of percussion instruments, numerous guitars and pianos, string and wind instruments and even some sound effects. I have also included a number of loops made using some of the instruments in the pack. Most of the samples have been digitally processed, but some were created using analogue equipment (such as multitrack tape recorders, filters and effects pedals).


Even though the sound quality of the samples is undoubtedly important, what matters most to me is what they signify at a conceptual level. I cannot help but be moved and feel especially motivated when I remember, as I use these samples in a new project, that they are all fragments from songs from all over the world that were about to disappear forever but were saved by a miracle.


In any event, I hope this sample pack will help you to create something new and amazing. It’s the first sample pack I’ve produced, so I’m interested to hear your views and tips: morenoroldandaniel@gmail.com


And it goes without saying that I’m keen to hear your new productions! :D





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