The jury of the Barcelona Producció 2021 call, made up of Luz Broto, Joan Casellas, Pilar Cruz, Antonia Folguera, Alexandra Laudo and David Armengol and Anna Urdániz (both with voice and without vote), has decided to select -among more than 270 proposals submitted- , the following projects as winners of this year's call:


Solo exhibition projects



LUCÍA C. PINO Makebelieve Neuromancer


Curatorship exhibition project

CHRISTIAN ALONSO Imaginaris multiespècies. L'art de viure en un món de contingència i incertesa


Off-site project

NEURODUNGEON NeuroXcape : The Role Play Game

CRISTIAN HERRERA DALMAU Hombre Orquesta en la Torre de Marfil


Research projects

MARIO SANTAMARÍA Owned. El cuerpo atravesado por sus dobles y virtualidades

DU-DA (Sarai Garcia Cumplido, Belén Soto, Sonia G Villar and Clara Piazuelo)    Morir Guay. Rituales de transición


Publication project



Live performance projects          

JAUME FERRETE VAZQUEZ Alexa ( alexa            


JULIÁN PACOMIO Apocalipsis entre amigos o el día simplemente          


Transdisciplinary creation and digital media projects




* The mediation project is still in a second selection phase. The candidates will have to submit a specific project in their proposals that recommends concrete educational actions in relation to the contents of the selected projects in the other categories.

Barcelona Producció aims to encourage production in the field of contemporary artistic practices and offer support to the economic and production needs of the artistic community of Barcelona and its area of influence. That is why each project has the tutoring of one of the members of the jury and the technical and human team of La Capella accompanies the whole process of project development.

This edition, although it has the same budget for 2020, has been reformulated in order to increase the fees of artists between 50% and 66% depending on the category, so, taxes included, add up to a total of € 67,000. For the production of the projects, the total amount is € 99,500.

The Barcelona Producció 2021 program generates, with this selection, a possible x-ray of current artistic practices linked to the cultural scene of Barcelona, with artists from different generations and diverse approaches, but which allow the establishment of certain lines of research and contextual concerns. .

The exhibition projects respond to the uncertainties and instabilities of the present, where our relationship with the environment raises an important paradigm shift. We see good proof of this in the curatorial project Imaginaris multiespècies, by Christian Alonso, or in the individual exhibition Agrologística, by Gerard Ortin. Material experimentation and performativity will be the focus of Lucia C. Pino’s solo exhibition Makebelieve Neuromancer, while Oscar Holloway’s Otherly Seers will review the survival of scientific illustrations in the study of natural history.

As for non-exhibition projects, the off-site modality will have an update of the uses of public and domestic space in times of pandemic through the project Hombre Orquesta en la Torre de Marfil, by Christian Herrera Dalmau, and NeuroXcape: The Role Play Game, by the Neurodungeon collective. At the research level, Owned. El cuerpo atravesado por sus dobles y virtualidades, of Mario Santamaria, will explore the virtual derivations of our body like accumulation of data, and  Morir Guay. Rituales de transición, by the DU-DA collective, will put our usual conception of death in crisis. In the digital media modality, we will have ZENZ (A) I, by Anna Pasco, which will merge artificial intelligence systems to create popular sayings derived from meteorology, and Epiphany, by Ariadna Parreu, a research material and object centered on the screen as a new system of relationship. The publication Ampo, by Martin Vitaliti, will offer a critical review of the language of comics.

Finally, Live Action projects will try three different ways of conceiving performance today. On the one hand, Alexa (alexa, by Jaume Ferrete, will offer a voice work through the Echo and Alexa smart speakers marketed by Amazon; Mis cosas, by Mercè Ortega, will explore the accumulation of material goods that define an identity , and Apocalipsis entre amigos o el día simplemente, Julián Pacomio will address relational and affective systems aimed at celebrating any end or beginning.