Escola Massana


From September 21 to October 29, 2006

One of the characteristics that give singularity to the Massana School is that it brings together and integrates in the same teaching center the education of art, design and art offices. This diverse action is extended and projected to different curricula and training levels: University Graduate in Arts and Design, Higher Degree Vocational Training in Plastic Arts and Design (Illustration, Jewelry, Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design , Industrial, Interior and Textile Art), Baccalaureate in the modality of Art and Massana Permanent (Courses of Continuing Education). The coexistence of these academic and creative fields, with all that involves a plurality of approaches and practices, make Massana School a complex organism that favors fertile interactions today. This fact, inducing a comprehensive and transversal consideration of the creative fact, naturally impregnates approaches to didactics, constituting one of the elements that agglutinates and gives identity to the plural of this "school" school.

The exhibition PROGRESSION, Shows of final studies, wants to testify and demonstrate this rich heterogeneity. On the one hand, showing final studies of students' studies in the different curricula, and on the other, showing an extensive repertoire of creative languages. The exhibited works, as well as being exponents of a milestone in the curricular and formative itinerary of the authors, are inscribed in those sensitivities and anxieties that form the beat of our present now and here. Existential interpellation and identity, gender violence, the questioning of the stereotypes of the habitat, the increasing multicultural and multicultural reality, the expansion of the vision and the action of design, formal and poetic research of materials, etc., are some of the underlying and implicit themes in the works that are exposed. Coincident chronologically with the introduction of the European guidelines in relation to higher education, the title of this exhibition, wants to be also a witness to the renewed commitment of the Massana School with everything that implies to make a qualitative progression in pedagogical innovation and the A stimulus to creation that results in a positive and qualitative change in our social context, artificial environment and natural.

Participants: Glòria Santacana,  Julieta Cánepa,  Oscar Barnes,  Jesús Arasa,  Laura Ginés,  Eduard Saún,  Mamen Morillas,  Txell Darné,  Gina Thorstensen,  Miquel Cazaña,  Víctor Morató,  Jordi Ramoneda,  Pol Codina y Néstor Olivares,  Cristina Borrás,  Lucrecia Avendaño,  Irene Gavaldà Serra,  Sílvia Pujagut,  Tamara Kuselman