Group exhibition


From June 23 to September 26, 2004

« Quòrum »

Lluís Alabern & Joan Carles Punsola, Juan P. Ballester, Consuelo Bautista, Iban del Campo & Elena Marín, Yamandú Canosa, Raimon Chaves & Javid Mughal, Emiliano Mora, Ramon Parramon & Gaspar Maza, Rotor (Vahida Ramujkic, Laia Sadurní), Donís Escorsa

Curator: Rosa Pera.

 «Quòrum» is an exhibition which sets out to explore the make-up of the population of Barcelona today, a population which has been transformed over recent years above all as a result of rising immigration. Since the nineteen-forties, Barcelona’s social fabric has been enriched with a wide variety of cultural traditions brought to the city by its new residents. Of highly diverse origins, these citizens adapt their day-to-day life to the pace and rhythm of their newly adopted home while at the same time contributing new customs and modifying the city’s urban routine and panorama with a proliferation of new businesses and shops typical of their cultures and indispensable for their basic needs in terms of food, personal hygiene, culture, housing, communication and leisure, thus generating a new urban map in line with the changes brought about by drastic urban planning measures.

 The Raval district, where La Capella de l’Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu is to be found, is one of the most eloquent examples of a steadfast process of transformation of the social, urban and cultural framework that shapes a neighbourhood in which passing tourists rub shoulders with native Barcelona families and individuals, financial and political exiles, multicultural couples and an entire generation of young Barcelona citizens whose cultural roots lead for the most part back to countries such as Pakistan, India, Morocco, Santo Domingo and the Philippines, among many others.

 In this context, transterritorialism and cross-culturalism are concepts that acquire an active dimension which, in “Quorum”, is approached from the point of view of the person in the street, through dialogue with and the participation of the leading players, usually identified as immigrants but rarely recognised as neighbours. Because the neighbourhood (and by extension, the entire city) works on the basis of neighbour relationships when it comes to situations involving urban development, housing, identity, the use of public space, business, communication, information management, education and cultural and religious manifestations. The artists taking part in the “Quorum” focus their works on realities relating to this circumstance by incorporating the active participation of the public as a whole.

 Possessing first-hand knowledge of the Raval, the artists and professionals from other fields who present projects in the “Quorum” also for the most part proceed from diverse origins such as Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Belgrade, Bilbao, Bogotá, La Havana, La Seu d’Urgell, Montevideo, Santander and Vic. All are citizens of Barcelona by birth or by adoption who share both commitment to their city and personal experience of the set of issues that form the basis of their artistic creations. Theirs are works that set out to reclaim exhibition space as public space, a space for dialogue and participation, through projects especially carried out for the exhibition.

 «Quòrum» also includes an information service and a number of parallel activities: cultural samplings, poetry recitals, small scale musical performances, workshops and round tables that will be held in the display space during the exhibition. On conclusion of the event the book “Quorum” will be published, made up of reports of the experience and discussion generated by it.



6 September, 6. 19h.
Immigrants. A reflection on the topics associated with various communities that make up the Barcelona population

Mohamed Chaib
Pius Alibek
Joaquin Beltrán I Amélia Saiz
Javid Mughal
Toni Serra
September, 14. 19 h.
Citizens. The experience of being a Barcelona resident.

Sra. Sheri Ahmed
Ahmad Alkuwaifi
Salah Jamal
Laila Karrouch
Ivan De La Nuez
Matthew Tree
September, 21. 19 h.
N eighbours. Living in the Raval. Urban processes, private space, citizens and public space.

Lluis Alabern
Joan Carles Punsola
Jordi Borja
Elsa López
Gaspar Maza
Nadja Monnet
Ramon Parramon
Teresa Tapada
Inauguration (DJ Rayo Chaves)
22 June, 8 p.m.
Place: La Capella
Raval Quorum Festival
9 July, 9 p.m.
Place: Patio del Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu

Poetry recitals
Taking part, among others:
Wajid Ali Wajid (Urdu); Bahadur Hussain Sabir (Urdu); Nasser Ahmad Sabri (Punjabi); Afzal Ahmad Bedar (Urdu and Spanish); Perwez Iqbal (English); Mari Carmen (Spanish); Ahmad Ul Kufawai (Arabic); Enric Bayé (Catalan)

Milap (Rhythms of Pakistan)

Tasting of tea and cakes

Instant gallery of portraits of the Raval
Consuelo Bautista
30 June, 14 July, 11 August and 8 September, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Place: La Capella
Video screenings
Ramon Parramon and Gaspar Maza
16 September, at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Place: Centro Cívico del Raval (Nou de la Rambla, 41)
21 September, at 7 p.m.
Place: La Capella
“Quorum” discussion round-tables
As a central element of the exhibition, “Quorum” will set up a wide-ranging round table, an active, symbolic space to foster dialogue and participation. Thus, in addition to being a space of traditional work for different projects already under way and present in the exhibition, three discussion sessions addressing concepts such as “immigrants”, “neighbours” and “citizens” will be established aimed at discussing the scope and suitability of the Barcelona social reality.

“We are and we shall be”
Immigrants. A reflection on the topics associated with various communities that make up the Barcelona population. Mohamed Chaib, Ibn Batuta Association (Morocco); Pius Alibek, linguist, translator and cook (Iraq); Joaquín Beltran and Amèlia Saiz, anthropologist and sociologist respectively (specialists in Asian culture and immigration); Javid Mughal, journalist (Pakistan); Toni Serra, artist (Barcelona-Morocco).
6 September, at 7 p.m.
Place: La Capella

“Said and done”
Citizens. The experience of being a Barcelona resident.
Sheri Ahmed (Masala, promotion of Indian culture); Ahmad Alkuwaifi, Aramaic teacher (Meeting Point, Syria); Salah Jamal, writer (Palestine); Laila Karrouch, writer (Morocco); Iván de la Nuez, writer (Cuba); Matthew Tree, writer (England).
14 September, at 7 p.m.
Place: La Capella

“Barcelona is good if…”
Neighbours. Living in the Raval. Urban processes, private space, citizens and public space. ATM - Lluís Alabern, Joan Carles Punsola, artists (Barcelona); Jordi Borja, urban planner (Barcelona); Elsa López (Architects without Borders, Barcelona); Gaspar Maza, anthropologist (Barcelona); Nadja Monnet, anthropologist (Switzerland); Ramon Parramon, artist (Barcelona); Teresa Tapada, anthropologist (Madrid).
21 September, at 7 p.m.
Place: La Capella



Arquitectes Sense Fronteres, Aula Jove del Casal Estel d’Assís, Casal d'Infants del Raval, Casal Lambda, Centre Cívic del Raval, El Mirador de los inmigrantes, Fundació Tot Raval, Ibn Batuta, Inphart, Punt d’Intercanvi, Riereta i Serveis Personal del Districte de Ciutat Vella.



Carmen de Dios, Casal dels Infants del Raval, Pau Acordagoicoechea, Aula Jove del Casal Estel d’Assís, Isabel Pérez, Gaëlle Benh, Ruben Mena, Joana Ràfols, Montse Blanco, Emili López, Adbe, Saidinho, Joni, Khadija, Isa, Ali, Brahim, Buba, Samir, Associació educativa integral del Raval, Cristina Sánchez, Geni Miro, Mina Demani, Javid Mughal, Abdul Hamidbiswas, Laotse Armas, Alejandra Zúñiga, Natalie Rocha, Nic Bedford, Banse Hanina, Omar Chaiboun, Masapé, Marta Sentís, Guillermo Rodríguez, Lluís Carrera, John Wilkinson, Gustavo Marrone, Takashi, Timo Laiho, Mario Flecha, Walter Lupo, Stasa Briski, Mike Bailey, Zahirul Islam, Renata Faccenda, Maka Abraham, Sabina Huang, Gilda Mantilla, Gino Rubert, Taize, Edu Tupí, Leslie karavil, Takeshi Motomiya, Otman, Claudio Bado, Teresa Reyes, Alexis Callado, Enzo Fumagelli, Nadia de Paoli, Yare Fumagelli, Joaquin Beltrán, Oscar Abril Ascaso, Ahmad Alkuwaifi, Mohammed Khalid Aazer, Gilda Mantilla, Javed Munir Dar, Núria Paricio, família de Mohamed Ramzam, Toni Serra, Montserrat Torres Fabrés, Eulàlia Valldosera, José Luís de Vicente, Arquitectes sense Fronteres, Casal Lambda, Centre Cívic del Raval, El Mirador de los inmigrantes, Fundació Tot Raval, Ibn Batuta, Inphart, Punt d’Intercanvi, Centre Cívic Drassanes, Ajuntament de Barcelona. Districte de Ciutat Vella, Ahmed El Abdellaoui, Obdulia Andrés de la Puerta, Antonio Resino Carretero, Vicente Moreno Berceo, José Pérez García, Laura Alonso Nieto, Núria Segura Julian, Jesús Sanchez Corraliza, Abdel El Bazaz, Montserrat Amor Madrigal, Tururut- Art Infogràfic, Óscar X. Gómez, Bruno Palazón, Núria Paricio, Ahmad Alkuwaisi, Montse Torres, Carla Cristian, Vogel Onneca, Guelbenzu Medardo, María Ángeles, Octavio Sana, Lídia Gil, Francisco Moreno Capelo, Carlos Isabelle, Roy Tarcilo, José Orejuela, Pirela Victor, Sala García Román, Cisneros Belenguer, Hanna Terho, Horacio Gismondi Mitidiero, Vicenta Ferrer Tormos, Xavier Tarragona Martínez, Kiki Marriot, Francisco Espinoza Zuniger, Carolina Marín Torres, Margarita Carreras, Ray Irene, Pascual Molinas, Michael Levitin, Josina Carmen de Lima Monteiro, Jordi Saladrigas Organista, Oriol Vilardell Candela, Babette Reuss, Christoph Dezelske Knight, María Dolores Montañes Casillas, Maribel Solano Ramírez, Alberto Martínez Álvarez, Robert Denny, Alba del Cid Sainz, Emma Björnesparr, Manu Maï, T Segura, Harald V Uccello, A.I.V. Vero Salvador, Carme Masià, Guissepe Fazzio, Jordi Laffite, Jaume Figueras, Pere Pueyo, David Bautista, Laura Sigon, Imanol Ossa, Andrey Finanta, Teatre Romea, Bar Mediterráneo, Peluquería Mediterráneo, Tejidos Orientales, El Transwaal, Nagma Sultan, Ginés López Martínez, Moisés el cantautor, Bar Andorra, Bar Americano, Rajkumar Jaswal, Jaume Nualart, Abdul Pallarés (de Riereta.net), Estudi d’arquitectura Brajovicvandendriessche, Mossèn Antoni Deulofeu.

Sponsors:   el periódico
Collaborators:  hangar  |   ràdio4  |   schilling cafè   |    epson  

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