Xerrada Andrea Valdés
Talk by Andrea Valdés

Yo no pondría la mano en el fuego (I wouldn’t go out on a limb)

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Starting from the idea that can be deduced from the title, writer Andrea Valdés proposes forging an intellectual biography of the artist behind the paintings she discovered one day in La Capella and which are said to draw their inspiration from the artist’s fixation on an older painting she can see herself in, as one obsession that dovetails with another. It is therefore a clearly speculative and indeed novel project invoking the mythical and terrifying, doppelgänger and the need to believe in something... or to supplant it, whether with rhetoric or other content that serves as proof.

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Andrea Valdés holds a degree in Political and Public Administration Sciences (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). She has published Distraídos venceremos. Usos y derivas en la escritura autobiográfica (Jekyll & Jill, 2019). She is also the co-author of a play, Astronaut (Theatre O), and La línea sin fin, a publication she created together with David Bestué. In addition to collaborating with artists on catalogues and exhibitions, she was a bookseller for many years and writes for a number of media outlets, among them El País’s Babelia supplement and the magazines Les Inrockuptibles, El Estado Mental and CTXT.


Photo credits: Image the author studied when visiting Pere Llobera’s exhibition

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