The Accelerationist Opera
 Y€$Si Perse

Photo by Candela Cuervo, intervened by Y€$Si Perse

Y€$Si Perse + La Plebeya + Mar Pons + Georgina Soler

The Accelerationist Opera – Act 1

Tuesday, July 16, 2019, at 9 pm

Y€$Si Perse + La Plebeya + Mar Pons + Georgina Soler

The Accelerationist Opera – Act 1


Y€$Si Perse is a space-emptiness of identity and gender paradigms. It's the grating, the randomness or alloy, the shapeshifting. Y€$Si Perse is an avatar that is born and lives on social networks and that maintains the identity in a state of transit drinking from influences that range from the Radical Faeries of the seventies to the otherkin phenomenon through the cyborg culture.

In Y€$Si Perse's words, The Accelerationist Opera is a mixtape at 1000 bpm. A post-Fordist talent show between K-pop and K-punk. The Hunger Games VS Thanos's Drag Race: All Stars. A techno-materialist "The War of the Worlds" trailer. An essay-error of besieged and erratic futures. A possible soundtrack of cognitive capitalism. A meme of the revolution in low resolution. Propaganda in Sci-Fi format. A precarious operetta. A nightcore nightclub.

#accelerate #accelerationism #xenofeminism #alienation #cognitariat #ubi #cyberphilosophy #technopolitics #postcapitalism


Production:  YESSi PERSE

Libretto: La Plebeya

Voice:  Mar Pons & Georgina Soler


Kill This Capitalist Love - BLACKPINK OPERA COVER

NeuroDungeon Jingle

¥$Si PERSE - Neurasthenia

Goran Dragas - Mechanized (Dark Dramatic Hybrid)

Diablo 2 - Cave

Naim - Canticles

Uninamise - Dungeons x Dragons


Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior (OVERDRIVE 1000bpm EDIT)

Javi Cantero - Cuanto Más Acelero (EXACERBATED ACAPELLA)

When 400 Km/h Is Not ENOUGH!! - YouTube rip

Christina Aguilera - Accelerate (SPEED SPELL EDIT)